Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Found Puppy

This little puppy was found yesterday at my grandma's work in town. She works near the McDonald's so we're starting to think he jumped out while someone was getting a hamburger and escaped. He's pretty well taken care of and everything. The vets in town don't remember him at all, and this would be a dog one would remember treating.'s his pictures. And if his owners don't speak up, my sister is going to take him and turn him into the most spoiled dog ever. She already loves him and is calling him Mr.Limpett. Personally, I think Pancake is a better name. :)
Check out that arm. It looks like a birth defect because its all fused.
Doesn't seem to bother him any!

Pouting face.
I fixed him up with one of Harley's old sweaters so his arm would be less apparent. Now he kinda looks like a war vet. But very happy about it!