Saturday, February 28, 2009

Compass, Ministry, Service

Apparently people get really up in arms when you tell them that you're watching the Golden Compass. Its supposed to be "anti-Christian and pro-atheism" but I don't really see it that way. Its a really great movie that tells how a girl saves a bunch of kids from this evil lady's experiments. At least that's what the first movie is about. I'm kinda hoping they make another one so the rest of the story will be found out and you're not left hanging at the part where they are going to go give her father something he needs. I don't understand where the whole atheism part plays into it, but if people want to see it, they'll see it. And yes I know that the author of the books said that's what its all about, but in the movie? Not visible at all. Sorry folks. Its not as blatant as the Narnia Chronicles--which I'm attempting to watch Prince Caspian, but the video player is being cruel right now lol.

On to a new topic, the student ministry that I'm in now is going well. There's a few ideas out there on the board that look like its going to start something new. I'm really excited about the stuff that's going to be going on. And not only that, but a few things were solved- kinda- and things are a little better. Hopefully the relationships that need to be built up will start getting built up. Next week is going to be mad crazy with all the activities that will be going on, but I'm so looking forward to it all. Really. This is what I love to do. Working with student ministry, planning things for them, working out the kinks, hanging with them and the other leaders....things don't get much better than that.

Tomorrow is Starting Point at Forefront! Starting point is basically the what we are and where we are going talk for new people. Its a really neat thing and they feed you lunch (always a bonus!). If you're new or new-ish to Forefront, come check it out and see what's going on. Also, its a baptism Sunday for the church! Totally a cool thing! Gonna go support the baptees and chill with some awesome people.

Yup. Hectic times, but goodish times.