Friday, February 13, 2009

revo second half

Ok, so, revolution. Revolutions are kinda like New Year's resolutions in that they are changes people want to make....but unlike resolutions they actually last longer than a week or two and don't always involve losing weight. Revolutions come about because of an injustice. Something is wrong with the system and needs to change but the normal way of passing a bill to make it change isn't fast nor drastic enough. That's kinda like how life is...there's something wrong, and the long way isn't going to solve it. We need a mini revolution! I'm not advocating that we over throw the government....just that we need a change within ourselfs. Personally, I know that I need a revolution started in me. The revolution is one of love and hope and new beginnings. Its where instead of passing judgement on others, we take a moment to hear them out. Instead of shutting the door on someone, we hold it open. Its a small idea. But it'll make a big change if we can get a few people started on the revolution of love (it needs a better title i know...i'll work on it). Cause a few will lead to many and many will lead to several and several will lead to hundreds and hundreds on and so forth. What would the world look like if we just took a little more time and gave a hand to someone who needed it? What changes would take place if this revolution took place in everyone?

it'd be flipping cool that's what ! :)