Friday, February 20, 2009

Mormons in E-City?!!

My friend Ryan and I had just gotten back from dropping off his passport stuff and getting mine (we had to come back for his check book haha) and we ran into some Elders from the Latter Day Saints. These guys were awesome! They wanted to know more about the school and sit in a few classes. Unfortuently, most of the classes were over because it was almost two thirty. So I showed them around, took them to the student life office, introduced them to a few teachers, showed them the library, gym, chapel, etc. We talked a little about our beliefs. They asked what I was and I told them Independant....which ended up getting explained as non-denom, but I was baptized as Baptist. They asked what the Baptists believes and I told them the best I could. Then Ryan asked what they believed and that was pretty cool. They told us a little about the guy who started Latter Day Saints and showed us their book and everything. After all that I asked them their names and they gave them to us. They thought it was pretty weird that I asked them that. They are really cool people and hopefully are going to come check out the classes on monday or later next week. One is from Vegas so I told him about Verve and what's happening out there and he thought that was really neat. He hadn't heard anything like that before and thought it could work with the right people. It was just really neat to meet them and get to talk. Not gonna lie--I was like a little kid in a candy store all smiles and fun. I love meeting people like that and getting to know what they believe and everything. Its definantly on the list of things I enjoy most. Plus they were really nice. And remembered names! lol Thanks Mason and Hugo! You made today awesome!