Monday, February 23, 2009


Today was Winterjam. Its pretty much this big concert with a lot of Christian artists. The day started off pretty normal, went to church really really early, helped set up a bit then went over to get Claire to go to the concert. We get there really early so we'd have good seats and all. For the time frame....its 11am and its rainy, cold and windy. Around 3:30 that afternoon, after standing there all day, this lady comes through the crowd asking for volunteers. I was like sure, why not? Claire has a friend so she'll be ok and I mean, it'd be cool to give a hand. So they station me at the special door with programs. I passed out over 1300 programs in a little over an hour. It was insane!! Then Paula , the lady in charge, asked if I'd mind counting money. And I was like sure, why not? Well, this is where it gets interesting. I go down to the room to count money and there's this girl there who says she knows me but I have no clue as to who she is. Turns out she's a girl from AWANA back in Waynesville, Mo. She worked in Cubbies and I worked in Sparkies but we were both in 24/7 together. It was insane!! We talked forever about monkey ball, baptizims, ninja tag, was really really cool running into her. How odd is that?! How small the world is to be running into AWANA buddies from years and years ago! So that's the crazy part of it, the awesome part of volunteering is that I was downstairs, backstage, right next to Tobymac's dressing room! I got to meet Hawk Nelson, Stephanie Smith, Brandon Heath, PuNRG, and many others! It was awesome, and when time came for the show to end, most of them remembered me and let me cut in to get my program signed and pictures taken. It was really cool!! Plus all the tech work behind the scenes.....oh my gosh. It made me wonder why I ever left theater tech. Just astounding. I'm hoping to volunteer again with them when they come through next year and when ever else I get the chance to. All in all today was pretty awesome. And now I'm wiped out and about ready to crash. Till later....peace...