Thursday, March 19, 2009

G. Rally and Tangents

Gospel Rally is happening here on campus right now. From what I understand there's going to be a few speakers, some stuff will be announced and a game. The game already happened and was Alumni vs. current players. Needless to say the alumni got schooled (105 to 70). It was pretty sweet! Tonight there's a guy coming in to speak. I'm kinda excited to go hear him but it might just be all the hype. Right now...all gospel rally means to me is more work. I'm working housekeeping for it which means I have to clean after every session and make sure my normal cleaning stuff is done. Its an easy job so I'm not too bothered by it. I'm also going to be running powerpoint for the afternoon and evening sessions tomorrow. Which is pretty tight. We have dual monitors now (drool). Its so nice. I geek out every time I look at those pretty things. Its exciting for me. I love technology--though you wouldnt' be able to tell recently or by looking at me ha ha. I'm looking at maybe getting a new laptop soon. maybe.They cost a ton and I'm very reluctant on buying anything. I takes me forever to decide on whether I should buy something--expecially something big like that. Everything has to be just right, meet certian specs and everything. Its a long process. What's even worse is I've been thinking about this for the past year now. Yeah. At the least if I ever do get it, it'll be something that I want and need and feel proud of. That's just how I roll I guess.
Anyway, after Gospel Rally ends I suppose there'll be more spiritual minded stuff up here instead of my random blogs about my life and such. Yeah.
Tangent. It was really nice out today. I wish I had gotten some time to go skate!! I've been wanting to fully break in my board for a while now but everytime I get some spare time its rainy or cold or such. Killer. There's a couple of decks that I found too that I want to aquire one day. Totally diggin anything Dyrdek, Enjoi, Blackout or Girl right now. Oh to be on my board....
Ok. I've got to go make one final sweep of the gym and clear out any trash and junk. Oh the joys of working...