Friday, March 20, 2009

more rally and near death

So far the speakers in G. Rally have been pretty cool. I didn't much care for the first one, but that's my own thing. The mystery missionary was pretty cool! I really enjoyed his talk on how we need to show Christ to be able to witness to others. That by living the life we are supposed to be living we are going to change other's lives. Its kinda infectious in a way. It reminds me of that car commercial that had a guy pick up a toy for a baby and a lady hold open a door....a pay it forward type of deal. I mean, if someone is nice to you, you can't help but to be nice to someone else. Its pretty cool how that works. and by living that way, we'll be able to reach more people. At least that's what I got out of it. There's one more session going on tonight. I'm excited but not super excited about it. I'm running powerpoint for it so I'll be up in the booth feeling really tall and like a need a mic to talk to anyone. The slides for the session that I did not too long ago weren't hard at all. I just have a problem with worship leaders. It bothers me that they can never stick to the slide layouts. Randomly they will go over a verse again or go back to a previous verse or skip a verse....its hard to keep up with those guys!! Though I can't complain too much about these ones. They have been pretty good at sticking with the schedule. Beyond that, housekeeping is pretty ok. It hasn't been too terribly bad. I'm really excited I got to see a couple people from my church and Verve!! :)

In other news...almost got ran over by a semi today. A friend of mine and I had just gotten done at a couple thrift stores and we were sitting at the light waiting for it to change to get back to school. This semi was making a left turn into the lane next to us and I guess he didn't swing out far enough because he came within an inch of running over my car. No lie. It was one of the scariest moments ever...seriously thought he was going to run over my car and then me. But he didn't so its ok. got pretty scared and everything from it though. yeah.

So I've got to get myself back to the G. Rally and the playas over there. Peace.