Friday, March 13, 2009

Loss and happiness

My power cord to my laptop finally bit the dust after three years. It was a sad sad day yesterday. But! Good news! By Wednesday of next week I should have a new power cord and be back in business. Until then though, I will be using the school's computer lab. not as exciting, no aim, nothing fancy.... but almost gets the job done. The major bummer of it all is that all of my papers that are coming due/are due were on that computer and I can't get them off! Smart planning I know. But who really plans for the event of failure? I mean...yeah. anyway...Last night was interesting. Found out the many ways that "The Little Princess" can be realated to the gospel. Talked to a person who I never thought in a million years I would talk to again. It was awkward...but really really cool. Kinda hoping that we can talk more sometime....whenever I get power back to the coputer lol.

There's a movie night tonight for ethe Chesapeake campus of Forefront!! I'm super stoked about it and ready to get there! Unfortuently I have to wait for check to come out then go to the bank, then leave to there...but I'm ready! The movie is one I've seen before but I really liked it so i'm happy with I'm hioping that more student will be there. Which it looks like they will be!! Yup! Excitement! yes!

I just realized how terrible I spell without spell check...oh Fedex!! Send it fast!