Sunday, March 27, 2011


While in Arizona, I bought a package of Saguaro Cactus seeds in this outrageously cheesy tourist shop. I waited patiently for my other plants to outgrow the tiny little pots that they were in and finally they did so I planted two pots of my seeds. Which totals about seven seeds because I didn't want to use up all the seeds on my first attempt. After a while of waiting, watering, re-reading instructions and hoping I didn't kill the seeds, this little thing popped up this morning. I got really really excited to see it and am very hopeful about the other seeds sprouting too!

This one below kinda reminds me of Audrey II.
If Audrey II was a tiny green cactus and not a
man eating plant of doom...

It's just so tiny and green and hopeful looking! I can't wait to see more come up and then hopefully keep them alive. I have a couple other plants too growing. a Rainbow Elephant Plant, Dwarf Sunflowers and hopefully orange marigolds. The last two I started from seeds not long ago and are already nearly four inches tall! The other I saved from the rejected plant stand at Lowe's. It's so sad to see all the plants lined up on death row because no one wants the sad looking plant that hasn't been watered in a week. I love spring with all of it's new beginnings and plants.