Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday! Yeah!

Oh my gosh! It's Tuesday already! Best part of Tuesday is waking up to study for a mid-term, just to check the e-mail to find out that class isn't happening today and it's a take home test! Closed book, but still great. So for the time that I would have been studying, I decided to break open the seldom used Pandora and dance it out to some very upbeat songs (think Train, Lenka, Adele, A Fine Frenzy, etc). Great morning! Though now I feel a little empty that I didn't have class. Oh well, guess that means more time to finish papers up before Friday so I don't have to worry about work all next week. Or I could use it to finish a project or two! Yeah! That sounds a lot better!

In the crafting realm of my life, finished another horse! Whoot! One down, two to go! Let's see..what else have I finished...a couple pairs of barefoot sandals...yeah. That's about it. I've been pretty lazy in the crafting department. However, I really do need to pick it up if next week is going to be my off week of awesome times.

At this moment I am four days away from flying out to see my BFF in Arizona! I'm super excited because we get to go to California and the Renaissance Festival in Phoenix! And apparently there's a free pie night! I'm not a huge fan of pie, but still! I am really excited about getting to go out there and see her and spend an entire week hanging out and having fun. This is my first real spring break. For real. I've never not spent a spring break working before this year. Pretty amazing!

In other news, sent out several more resumes and applications. Keepin the fingers crossed for luck! Maybe one will take soon! Let's hope so!

So that's it for Tuesday! Guess I'll get started on my projects! Whoot!