Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post Spring Break update

So I've been back on the East Coast for a couple days now and it's been crazy. By crazy I mean super crazy hardly any down time gotta keep moving crazy. But that's okay. Cause soon I'll be able to catch a break. I'm still recovering from the time change and daylight savings thing. It's killer, but I'm living the dream. Or at least what I believe the dream to be.

I'd go over all the awesome of spring break and the Arizona/California trip, but there's just too much. Just know that it was a blast and I'm sad I had to leave. Completely fell in love with the West and it's warmth.

Right now at school we're starting Gospel Rally right after Sunday Night Live and Tuesday Tours. It's a crazy week.

Made a couple of turban head wraps that look pretty neat. I'll load pictures later. Right now I'm going to do some catch up sleep :)