Friday, March 4, 2011

really friday

Is it really Friday? Did the week really fly by to this day? Am I really leaving tomorrow?!
I'm so excited and so nervous. I'm a terrible flyer. Hands down one of the worst. No, I don't go into a panic attack or use the barf bag (I did take those on my last flight to wrap my sister's Christmas gifts....), I just get really nervous. Always have some hiccup before getting on the plane. And my suitcase is always last off the plane and onto the carousel. Since I know all of this, I usually plan accordingly. Oh but I'm so on edge that I'm really leaving. That this awesome thing is really happening to me. I'm really excited to get to spend time with one of my closest friends and travel around with her for a bit. I hope this time will be really fun and full of good experiences.

Oh my.

I should start packing!