Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One week...

It's sunny! Glory hallelujah, It's sunny! All my plants are sitting happily in the windowsill soaking up the sun. It's perfect read a book and nap in the sun weather. It's nearly spring! I love it.

In a week I'll be getting another year older. According to the weather channel, it's supposed to be 63 and raining. Yay. Just what everyone wants on their birthday...rain. the original plan was to have a luau at a friend's house, with said friend and other person who shares the same birthday. Three of us at one school....crazy! But it looks like that one is starting to fall through. Slightly disappointing, but it's ok. I really haven't thought much about what I want to do or even want on my birthday. Really I'm just worried and wondering about other things- which need to be settled by Thursday of this week which really racks my nerves. The last time I did anything big for that day was when I turned 18, and it was in between a split shift at work. It was fun though. I'd like to get fancy and go out with a couple friends and out to a movie, but it's a Wednesday, so that's not terribly smart. I think I'll do what I do on every Wednesday, go to classes, go to chapel, babysit, go to crochet circle and work. Maybe not work, but I should go to work. Lots of people would groan and start the "You should live it up! Party!" etc argument, but...I'm not at a party school, nor would I really want to. Not gonna lie, there is a part of me that would love to have a 'surprise' party and dance all night and be silly. Have a total celebration of me.
As for what I want...no idea. I'm pretty content. Only thing I really want is for this thing to work out. That's pretty much it. I would love several new pairs of high heels, jewelry, etc, but it's not practical to wear those at school. Mostly cause walking up and down all the stairs would be a beast but partly because of the questions of "Who you dressing up for?" and "Why are you all fancy?" Can't a girl just dress nice cause she wants to and wear heels when she feels like it? I would like a pair of high heeled boots though. Wedge or normal heeled.

So, this is what's been on my mind today. This and sunshine and the wondering of what's going to happen. I don't want to bother the person, but I really really need to know. On the bright side, this week is paycheck week so maybe I'll go pick up a new nail polish. My white is all clumpy and gross. It's sad when polish gets old. Like losing a trusted friend. Not as sad as giving away books. That's sad for me. I have a box that is getting ready to go to a friend. I hope she enjoys them as much as I have. Now...I'm off to watch Ellen and read a book.