Friday, April 1, 2011

friday friday

Friday! Friday! Gonna get down on Friday!
But seriously, tonight is Oasis which is a pretty large youth event on campus that lasts three days. It's kinda cool and exciting and whatnot. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day working on getting the lights set up and running and praying that the chapel didn't catch on fire because of the awesome wiring. It's an older building so I always worry about that. Today is the programming of the different scenes and checking the set up and finishing the stage. Oh and making everything look pretty. The band is supposed to be here around four, so I'm hoping to be done way before then. If I can.
To add to this fun, I have a little bit of homework that needs to get completed and a few errands to run too. I'm not a big fan of everything coming together on the same day. Tomorrow is going to be interesting with Oasis and an interview and then more Oasis. I'm really just hoping my car is up to the challenge and is ready to take another trip. I love my car, I really do, but it's 14 years old and a little beat up. It still gets me from point a to b, so I'm not terribly concerned about it's health yet, just apprehensive on long trips.

I really should be getting ready for lunch and classes right now...
Tomorrow is another interview at the same place I went before. I'm nervous about it because I'm not sure what they are looking for and if they'll choose me over all the other people. I really hope they do and I can really get started on this instead of waiting around fretting, which does nobody any good. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. I just got to remember to take everything that I need. And to breathe.