Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Earring holder.

The other day I talked about an earring holder from The Perfect Pear. Today I was at the thrift store looking for some other things for a project and ran across this cheap frame. I was going to get some lace, but it was expensive so that idea got scrapped. However, I came across these striped pajama pants and decided that would work just as well. So, I cut to size, put it in and hung a few earrings on it! I still need to tape the fabric to the back so it doesn't sag so much, but I think it looks kinda cute. What's your say on it?


The Perfect Pear said...

That looks AWESOME! :) i like the idea of striped pj's

Just Becca said...

Thanks! I did finally tape it so it looks less saggy now. Thanks for the idea! :)