Saturday, April 23, 2011


One of the biggest things I advocate for and support are animal adoptions and shelters. I believe that before anyone goes out to buy a dog, they should check out their local shelters and online for their pet first. I also believe that animal rights are overlooked and should be at the forefront of an animal owner's mind. That being said, I am happy to say that I will be helping out at the Second Chance Barnyard this summer! This is an amazing place in the town where I live. They really do a lot for abandoned, puppy mill rescues, lost and just generally homeless animals. All of my dogs, at least the ones I can remember, and all the cats have been rescues. They are the best and every day I'm thankful for them. I'm really distracted while I write this so I'll write more on this topic later when my thoughts aren't so scattered. I am really excited to be working at Second Chance and Zenawood and even the grocery store this summer. Can't wait!

The rescues in my life:
Harley and Suzy napping

Suzy, my rescue cat

Buddy. The calmest dog I've ever known.
Unless fireworks are going off, then all bets are off.

My constant companion, Harley.

Huxley. This little boston was rescued this summer.
He is now spoiled by my sister.


* said...

is harley a pit? we have a pit/boxer mix...what a wonderful breed.
such adorable animals you have!

Just Becca said...

Harley is a Italian Greyhound mix. He's too small to be a pitmix so best guess is a type of terrier. I do love pits! They are so sweet!
Thank you! :)

* said...

oh okay...i couldnt quite tell from the photo he was a greyhound mix...what a cutie!