Sunday, April 24, 2011

My hooks

I'm a huge nerd. I can't deny it so I have learned to embrace it. To add to my geekiness, I am a huge crafter or diy-er. I love making all sorts of things. And I hold the tools of what allow me to craft very precious to my heart. So, while taking a break from a giant project- really. It's huge. I'll end up bigger than me. - I took some pictures of some of my most prized possessions. The hook case was given to me by my dorm mom and fellow crafter. I love it so and can't wait till I fill every slot to the gills with hooks! I do love my hooks and case and notions...

Yes, that is a giant empty tub in the background
that once was filled with cheese balls. My
roommate and I are addicted to those things...

I love to craft! And I can't wait to show the pictures from this massive project I'm working on!