Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hoping for a chair

I have determined that if I get a single room next year, I'm going to find a dirt cheap comfy chair to crochet in. This chair will probably be bequeathed to a friend that I like that isn't graduating and hopefully would live it's life out in the rooms of others. I think that would be a good life for a chair. Used by many girls in a dorm for years. Plus, chairs are more lovable than refrigerators. Chairs let you sink in to them, cry out your worries, sit on the edge with anticipation, hide from the world in....chairs just rock. Anyway, I mainly want the chair because it is insanely uncomfortable to sit on my bed, or floor, to crochet for hours. It's great for two hours and less projects, but my massive projects are less fun. Next year, if I get a single room, I'll have an entire section devoted to crafting and reading and daydreaming.

Right now I am 26 days, give or take one, away from being back home. I'm excited and apprehensive about it. There are a lot of great things that are happening this summer that I am really excited about, but I hate leaving the area where the majority of my friends are. It sucks being so far away and knowing that there isn't a chance for them to visit, not that I would have time to entertain anyway. I'm also 24 days, give or take, away from driving across country. Which makes me nervous because my dear old car is on it's last legs I believe. She's held up for many cross country and cross town trips. But she's getting old in age and I'm not the best at keeping up with her problems, or even noticing when there are problems. Hopefully everything will hold together long enough to get me home.

In the crafting scene, I finally finished all the white for the 1-up afghan and sewed it all together. This weekend I'll be working on the stem and the outline and hopefully next week will have the time to finish what I don't on Sunday and get it sewn up by Friday. I'm excited to get this done! Oh, I also made this headband thing. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but am wearing it now...only cause I found it while I was rearranging my hats and needed some inspiration to do my math homework. It worked. Maybe I should put on headbands more might make my work disappear.


Tania said...

Can I admit something? All my craft happens in a BEANBAG. Well the knitty/crochet stuff does. I have developed such a beanbag crafting position that I look like a complete beginner whenever I have to do anything sitting in a chair!

Just Becca said...

A beanbag would be a much cheaper solution than a chair! Might have to look into that option this summer...