Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday thoughts

Good evening all! Today has been a really long day, but that may be because I didn't sleep in. The last session of Oasis was this morning and it went off pretty well. I was pretty pleased with how the lights went off this time around and there really weren't a whole lot of hiccups. The band was really nice and I had some fun hanging out with them. The speaker was really good. Pretty sure this was one of, if not the, top Oasis I've worked on. There's a couple pictures floating around on the Twitter page if you're interested. Super not high quality because my phone camera doesn't do so well in dark areas with a concentrated area of light.

Since I no longer have a legit excuse to avoid homework, projects and the like, I should go into them full force. However the motivation isn't there just yet. Kinda feels like a recovery day, though I've been in a 'recovery' mode for a little while now. Such a terrible life to live, ha. Tomorrow for sure is going to be the knock out papers and other assignments day. Monday just seems like a good day to start that. And it lets me look at the week and get all the other stuff done too. I knew I should have bought a day planner. Wall calenders are great, but day planners are where it's at for assignments.

To avoid the aforementioned work, I've been looking at a couple DIY sites. I have found a new project that I'm thinking of starting. The biggest one is this pretty earring holder from The Perfect Pear. There's also a bunch of cute earrings that I'm thinking of starting, or just showing my friend, O, and getting her opinion on them. She's brilliant at fashion and knowing what does and won't ever work. I've got the DIY and thrifting itch.

Speaking of new things, a new opportunity opened up to me and I ran with it. It is the single most reckless thing I have done in a long time, but I believe it will prove to be one of the better reckless things. It's going to take a lot of work, time and prayer, but I'm up for the challenge. I just hope my car is too. Starting this thing has caused me to look differently at myself and not just see me as who I hold in my mind, but as someone who is becoming more and more self-assured and confident in her abilities and body. Rather than the awkward teenager that hid behind the curtains, paint, headset and flats. I just pray and hope that this works out for the better and that I will not only be able to get ahead myself, but to help those I love too. That would be the ultimate thing. To help out.

Ok. I've stalled long enough. I'm going to knock out these barefoot sandals tonight. Or at least a couple of pairs of them. Two down. Four to go. I'd model them, but I think feet pictures are just weird. Google barefoot sandals and look for ones that look like ladders. You'll get the idea. So long, dear people. Until the next time.