Friday, March 25, 2011


For spring break I went to Arizona. I know, old news. But it was a blast and I am really thankful for my time there and miss it so. It was so nice and warm and I loved being around the Bff, who I had, and still do, missed terribly. It's a great thing being friends with people. Time can pass and things change, but you know they'll always be there to pull out your real self and remind you and who you are and who you always wanted to be. Anyway, I was looking through my pictures again, and found this gem. I love this picture. It has a dinosaur in it and I believe it is one of the few pictures of me that is really good. So here it is for your viewing pleasure too. My other favorite is with me and a giant cactus because it has a great story behind it. This one was taken on our way to San Diego. Where I fell in love with Cornado, saw a two story Wal*mart and the Big Boy. Oh, West Coast, how good you were to me.
Now to convince the East Coast to get warm...