Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's official. I know have a pseudo 'store' front. Really it's just the student life area of my campus, but it's a step up. And most of the money goes to student life funds....but it's a step up! I'm starting to become legit! I'm still not a fan of putting stuff on etsy...which several people have suggested. Mostly it's because people have to wade through everyone else's stuff to find mine and there is not guarantee that someone will see what I make and like it enough to buy it. Plus, there's a bunch of fees on it. Maybe one day, when I have more followers and the fb page is getting more orders. I'd really like to see this take off more.

This week seems to have started off super busy. It's weird because it really isn't different than any other week. Might be the change in plans. That usually throws me off for a while. I'm one of those people that tolerates changes rather than embracing them. Granted I day dream all the time about making crazy changes, but I'd never really go for any of them. Much too risky. Like I would love to pack up everything and just move out to California. Hook up with a acting firm and become famous. Or something close. I'd like to have a chance at it. Or go and do set work. I love doing technical theater, but that isn't in the works anymore either it looks like. Maybe one day...

Totally can't wait for spring break right now. My awesome Bff got me a ticket to go and see her this year and we're going to roadtrip and hang out and everything. I haven't seen her in a year and I'm so ready for some time with her and laughing and having an adventure. I also get to meet her new dog and boyfriend. I miss her a ton and....basically I just can't wait. I also have to still send her the presents I made her! Hopefully I'll remember to do that before the end of the week!

Back to the 'store front', if you ever decide to swing by my school (or go here) you should totally check them out in the student life office. And check back frequently for new items!