Sunday, February 13, 2011


Weekends at school are my favorite. There aren't a whole lot of people here and generally it's pretty quiet. It's like a mini vacation from the rest of the week. Plus it seems like the most productive time for me. I get a lot of crafting done, my room gets cleaned, laundry and dishes are finally done and put away. And I usually get to finish a book or two. And on occasion, I get to do something abnormal and go out on a limb that I've been wanting to do for a while. (Let's keep crossing our fingers on that!!) It's been a lovely weekend. Oh, and I've finally began packing up my bff's christmas/vday/birthday present! Whoot! Just got to put a couple more things in and it'll get shipped off to Arizona! Yay!! I'm excited to ship this off to her and I hope she really likes it.

Oh and if you haven't heard yet, 12 more likes on the Facebook page and it's giveaway time! Gotta love it!