Monday, February 7, 2011

supa bowl sunday

Today was the super bowl. Honestly, I wasn't that interested in who won or lost, surprise surprise. I was more in to the being around people and not being in my room and such. All in all it was a pretty good time with great food and such. My contribution was cheesecake cookie cups. Some of which are left over in my fridge if anyone is down for one or two. Got to say the talk that wasn't about the game was probably my favorite. R and I got this super awesome notion in our heads that after graduation it would be neat to run off to California for a year to try our hand at west coast living. I would love it, but I'm afraid of the family retaliation. Not all of them, just some. But I think, if I really wanted to, I could do it. At the very least I could do what my degree is good for and I do make a pretty good waitress. If day...maybe....

Still fighting the whole introversion thing. It's really hard. I'd like to enjoy people's company all the time, but I can't. Like today, I feel like all day I've been around people. Granted, it's only been since one-ish that I've constantly been around someone, but that feels like a lot to me. And here it is now midnight and my body is all about sleeping, but I can't yet and will have to wait until at least one before that can happen. Maybe I should do some laundry...

In other breaking news, I've been slacking about putting pictures up on the facebook page, but I promise to get that done this week. I awesomely left my camera charger in Missouri and the one I have here is for a completely different battery type. Great planning no? Luckily, I know a person who can hook me up with the right charger. Totally stoked. Speaking of stoked, my bff texted me this week and we're going to get to go to the Renaissance Festival while I visit her over spring break! I haven't been to one in forever and this time a little bit of dressing up maybe in order. I'm really excited to get to go out there. Warmth. Sun. Heat. Lovely.

Week until Valentine's day. Yay. My v-day gift is muffins from my grandma in Kansas. I'm excited for those cause I don't get them very often. Almost better than chocolate. Maybe I'll get myself some flowers too. Sounds pretty

I'd like to dance and sing and act and preform. (i really like those things)