Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hasn't the world had enough of silly love songs?

I just finished the Valentine's Day themed Glee and it was great. Turned me into even more of a hopeless case than normal. But we gotta keep that on the down-low because I have an image to protect. I know that this may be a bit early, but I want to get a head start on it. Valentine's day is awkward to me. I never had a sweetheart for it until my junior year in high school. Compared to some of my friends, that's pretty late in the game. At that time, and every time after, I told him that I really didn't believe in Valentine's and thought it was rather dumb. Secretly I still wished he's sweep me off my feet, send me flowers, take me to dinner....anything. So, we never did anything. To my first sweetheart's credit, he did do something rather sweet which was buy me my favorite candy and wrote me a note. If you were wondering what type of candy that was, mounds. Love it. Anyway, I always held to the notion that it was a stupid holiday and meant nothing to me. Years went on and eventually I found my self at another Feb. 14 with my second sweetheart. Mind you, there is a gap between the first and second. I told him the same thing. It didn't matter to me and I was going to be at work any way and wouldn't want to do anything afterwards because I'd smell like dogs and be worn out (I worked in a petstore then). So, he and I did just that. Nothing. Still held the wishes for something inside but kept them quiet, because the holiday really is just a ploy from Hallmark to get even more of our money...right? Years go by and here I am now. Still not fully ready to admit that it means anything. But I think every girl has those thoughts inside. You know, the ones where that guy you've been dreaming of just happens to cross your path one day and your eyes just happen to meet and the world happens to stop spinning and time just happens to stop. That you'll get a rose, or any type of flower really (mine's a stargazer lily) in your mailbox along with a note that says "meet me at time at place- xo mystery man". That he'll burst out in song declaring his love for you and start a mass synchronized dance among everyone around.....maybe that's just in my dreams....but still every girl dreams of candlelit dinners, walks during the sunset, fireworks at night,romantic songs.... the whole shebang. And when it isn't there, we tend to get a little tenderhearted. It's a weird thing, this Valentine's day. It brings out those hidden things that we hoped to keep quiet and makes those of us that are hopeless romantics even more so. It's always hard being the h.c. and be surrounded by other people's love. Just got to keep in mind that one day, the whole time standing still thing may happen and then admitting that Valentine's is actually a kinda big thing will come. Until doesn't mean a thing ;)

"'Cause let's face it Rachel. You're better than anyone in this school. You don't need me or any other guy to anchor you to Lima. You're a real star. And you need to shine. Just because I can't be with you, it doesn't mean I don't believe in you." --Finn to Rachel, Glee "Silly Love Songs"