Monday, February 7, 2011


Ever feel like the creativity just get sucked out of you sometimes?

that's how i feel right. now.
drained enough to where i can't do homework, can't read, can't crochet. can't even watch television.
what sucks is i feel guilty about it because it all starts when just one person walks in my door. it's too constant. too loud. and i feel so guilty to think this and to act this.
even worse cause i can't say anything about it. i can't tell them how i feel and how i hate how they are here for three, four, five hours. and it's making me sick.
not vomit, flu, sneeze everywhere sick but inside hurting, headache, stress at 100 every day sick.
Just 26 more days. Then I'll be in Arizona.
Just 97 more days. Then school will end.

wish it was tomorrow the 'visiting' would end. i'd like to feel okay and craft regular and do homework regular and sleep earlier again.