Monday, February 21, 2011


Just so you all are aware, the spider has since moved from my window, and remains alive only because it was on the outside of the window and I'm three stories up in a building. Otherwise it would be dead.

In other recent news, heard back from one of the places I really want to intern with. The lady was really nice and I am really excited about this opportunity. However, it's in Arizona. And I'd have to provide own lodging and transportation, etc. Which isn't a huge deal for me. Oh, and it's unpaid. Which again...not a huge deal. I'm going to talk to the lady again later this week and see about doing it after this summer, so I have time to save up and such for it.

Did I mention I have 30 credit hours till I graduate? And am planning to clep one (3) and take two during the summer (6) so that leaves 21 credits during the school year. And that's if I don't find another that fits the requirement for another class I want to take for the summer. So I could have just 19 credits for the next year. Naturally all the credits I need are split between two semesters. But I'm hopeful to get done asap. After the internship, grad school! Real jobs! And yes bills. But I'm kinda used to those...seeing as I already have them. I'm excited.

Several more things are in the works. Hoping to see a few of them get started soon and take off. Oh how exciting this is.