Sunday, February 20, 2011

update on everything

I love Sundays. How calm and laid back they are. Also how much I accomplish on these days. Saturdays, I rarely get anything done, but Sundays...that's were the action is.
To update a bit on the accomplishments, I have three small bags, about the equivalent of a medium/large bag, worth of clothes to donate. I have a love hate relationship with donating. Mostly because I'll come across a shirt I haven't worn in a bit, but have before and the memories hit me and all. Or it'll be a piece that someone special to me bought me and I don't want to give that up. It's love hate. I love giving them away to people that I know will wear and use them. I just hate coming across memory pieces.
Also mostly finished another puppet. If I didn't give the puppet update on the last one, last weekend I made a horse puppet, MACU themed naturally. It is well loved and awaiting it's big screen debut. Right now I am mostly finished with the owl puppet. So far all he's missing are wings, belly, glasses and about two inches of his body. Other than missing those things, he does look pretty spiffy. Even has a bow-tie. He'll be starring in a movie along side the horse. Which has been named Mack apparently. Not creative. I would have gone for Murdock, Madeline, Murphy, Mumfrey, or Maxine. But it wasn't my call. Hopefully Mr. Owl will have a spectacular name. Like Fredword.

In the crafting realm, going to start two horses tomorrow. Luckily, they aren't rush orders so there hasn't been a huge hurry on them. I'm attempting to get them finished by Wednesday so other projects can be taken on. Speaking of doing things, three more people to like the facebook page before the giveaway! Guess that means I need to bust out the giveaway item(s) pretty soon. I'm considering finishing one of them tonight and posting "sneak peaks" to drum up more interest. Sounds like a good idea at least...
In other news, Monday starts the round of job calling again. Tuesday I have a pseudo job interview for a counseling center not far from my home doing intern work. I love interning because you get to learn a lot more than if you were just working. There's a place that I really want to work at over the summer and hopefully the person I need to speak to about it will be available on Monday to talk. Crossing fingers on that. Also have tossed out a fair few resumes and stuff to places in the hopes something will bite. Really hoping something there does. Also considering taking a few pictures to a place in town to see how they'd sell here. Oh and checking out venues to sell some crafty things. Considering putting up a flyer/business card up in a local coffee shop. Never know...
Speaking of items up for sale...if you're MACU affiliated, you should check out the hats in student life. Most of the money for the hat goes to the student life fund. As in, for the $8 you pay for the handmade hat, $6 goes to student life. And for every four sold, the fourth's proceeds all go to student life. Yup. Spirit hats. Get yours now, so you'll look cool next fall. And be uber prepared for spirity things.
Sidenote: turbans and headbands: yea or nay?
Really that's all that's been going down here.
need. someone. to. kill. it.