Friday, August 20, 2010

best friend

I just spent two hours on the phone with my best friend. Seriously. I rarely am ever on the phone that long, and normally its with her when it does happen. She is so completely awesome and doesn't even know it all of the time. She makes me feel so normal and loved and understood. Its so nice to have someone like that that's always there in my corner to let me know that things are okay and I'm not completely crazy. She also has a ton of stuff going on in her life. Which kinda sucks because not all of it is good stuff. But even through the crappy things, she always seems to find a way to laugh. We always seem to be able to make each other laugh, which I love. Even when I'm lamenting over how completely sucky everything is, she points out some little piece of irony and we laugh for a while. She's known me forever and is the best person I know. There really isn't a message to this beyond I love her and only wish the best for her.