Monday, August 2, 2010

RIP Birdie.

So, I've made it back to Missouri. It was long and hot and miserable. Earlier today, when I was still in Kansas, I bought a fan for my car. A real fan. My step-dad James put it in for me and it pretty much saved me this trip. That and the bottles of water my mom stashed in a makeshift cooler. Not lying, it was 110 degrees when I started driving. Crazy. I got quite a few weird looks for a fan in my car, but hey, its my car so back off peoples. Weirder things have been in cars and at least my fan has a great function.

A little side story, when I was about 20 miles from home, I hit a bird. I saw it sitting there on the side of the road and told it to fly right, which it looked like it was going to do, while I went left. For some reason, the bird decided to fly left...right into my bumper. I checked the rear-view mirror to see if I had it it, sure enough, there were feathers all over the highway. A tear was shed for the suicidal bird. May you rest in peace little birdie.

Seven days till I leave for school. That's one day of clothes sorting, one day of laundry, one day of packing, one day of loading the car, one day of getting the car ready, and two days of procrastination. Hopefully everything will get done like I would like them too.

Tomorrow I get a new phone! Yay!!

My new a/c!