Tuesday, August 31, 2010

three things.

Three things are on my mind right now.

1. There's a hurricane.
2. I really need to write that journal on moodle.
3. Its Tuesday.

The first thing scares me to death. I can handle a tornado just fine, but a hurricane brings me to tears. If you don't believe that, ask one of my close friends. I am so terrified of them I cry. Instantly. I've also never actually been in a hurricane, which makes it all worse. There's this big one named Earl (like the Dixie Chicks song!), and its supposed to go up the coast over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. However, if it doesn't want to do that, it'll hit where I am. Which means we will have to evacuate. Might have to do that anyway, if it is bad enough. The main thing from that is, where am I supposed to go? What about all my things? What happens when I leave? How far away is far enough? How will I know to come back?There's so many unknowns on it and fears, its pretty much not funny to me. Hurricanes sit there and loom on the horizon, and then near land spreading their terror...*shudder* I am not enjoying this forecast one bit. To give an idea of how afraid I am of it, think about that black fog in some movies that move in and take people away. And how grossly scary that is. That is the fear I get from Earl. Yeah.

Second thing. Laziness. Just need to get on it and write something that I thought was interesting.

Third thing. Tuesdays always seem to be the worst of the week. Mondays suck, but they begin something new and a chance to start having a pretty stellar week. But Tuesdays....oh they just remind you that there's still three more days till the weekend. And its not even halfway over.

Just found out that you can see this hurricane from space. That's right. SPACE. My anxiety level just rose 10000%.