Monday, August 16, 2010

interestingly tired

First day back = one super tired, slightly delirious me.

I just finished typing up notes, because I can't stand having just paper copies of notes. Just in case something happens ya know? I have been wanting to pass out since about 10am this morning. Which was when class started but has no correlation to my tiredness at that point in time. I feel as if I've been up since 6am, when I haven't. According to the clock, only since 8:30a. Naps are going to have to find their way back into my schedule and quickly!

Class is pretty interesting. I'm more interested in the history of it, though I am sure it bores my classmates. There's just something so neat about how people worshipped and why. I love studying it almost as much as I love learning about other religions and brownie bites. (BTW, if you get a chance, try Sweet Memories brownie bites by pilsbury. Heaven.) And that's a lot of love for a subject.

This was going to be longer. But I'm tired. So. Amazingly. Tired.