Thursday, August 26, 2010

first week

I am two classes away from finishing my first week of non-intensive classes this semester. Part of me is really excited the other is going, wait. Yesterday was Monday? Its awesomely weird and grossly fast. On the bright side, my room is mostly completed. I just have to go get a few more command strips and it will be finished. So excited about that! Now, if only E-city could get a Bank of America, I would be all set for the errands I have to fun this weekend.
Soccer started up again this week. And I'm super excited about it. The other day I couldn't play, which made me incredibly sad. However, I got to play today and even though it wasn't super serious it was a lot of fun to get out and run. Also made me re-realize how amazingly out of shape I am. Maybe next week I'll start that workout video I've been meaning to do...maybe not.
Anyway, this semester looks like it's going to be pretty nice. I managed to get signed up and on Moodle for my one online class and that made me pretty dang proud. The other classes I'm pretty interested in so hopefully they won't cause me to lose interest over time. And in a few short weeks my intensive work will be done and that'll just be another thing I don't have to worry about. Ah, such is life.