Thursday, August 12, 2010

retelling of sorts

One week and one day. That's how long I have been delayed. I hate delays. I hate things not going according to plan. But, I'm dealing.

Yesterday (and Wednesday) my grandma and I drove up to Lawrence, Kansas to see my sister and to drop off her new puppy (the boston terrier). He's having a hard time adjusting because it was a big day for him and he lost his play pal- my dog Harley. So, we hung out with her and her boyfriend and had Thai food. I hate Thai. That's not true, I really really dislike thai. I have problems with the heat, the smells from the kitchen of all the spices mixed together and the soy of it. I am not a soy fan. Luckily they had Chow Mein, which I eat without much complaint. The only down side of it was the soy. It was dripping with soy sauce. Bleh. But it wasn't totally horrible. Later we went to the hotel and hung out. It was nice getting to see her.

Way before that, when my grandpa was here, it was a really great night. My grandpa and I typically rent a few movies when he's home and normally my grandma is at work so its just us for the evening. This time we rented Edge of Darkness, Clash of the Titans and Old Dogs. It was nice to be able to hang out with him and relax while watching a ton of movies. We also had waffles, which was awesome. It was the first time I made waffles without batter getting everywhere or something burning. I love just hanging out with him. Its just nice to be able to talk and not worry or fret about anything.

Back to today. I was supposed to leave tomorrow, but its going to be over 100 degrees in the state that I'll be driving through. However, the heat wave is supposed to break and bring it down to the 90s. So, I won't be leaving till Saturday now. Which then kicks in the procrastinator in me because now I really don't want to pack up my car or the few items that need to be put in bags. What bites even worse is I'm a perfectionist when it comes to packing. It all has to be a certain way and go in my car a certain way. Contradiction. I did do some packing. I put my duffel bag of clothes into my trunk. in the process of doing that I broke the long strap off of the bag, fell down the stairs, hurt my toes and narrowly missed stepping on a bee. I'm sure it was fun to watch, but not so much fun to do...haha

One day and one week delayed. But in two days, I'll be where its 30 degrees cooler, where my friends are, where I can just relax and hear the gentle slap slap slap of the water against the wall out by the swing. Just two more days.


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