Sunday, August 15, 2010

driving complete

Well, I finally made it. 5 armadillos, 4 raccoons (plus baby), two possums and a deer later. At least those were what was recognized. The only bad part of the trip was hitting NC and driving in rain. NC drivers drive in the rain about as well as they drive in the snow, slowly and badly. It was bad. Mostly because I didn't have the airflow needed to keep my car cool since I don't have a/c and my little fan can only blow what air is in my car. Darn you drivers that go 10 mph in the rain! Darn you!

Anyhoo, school is much the same as I left it. SNL was happening at the time, which I missed due to having to bring stuff in and shower. Post-driving showers are awesome. But, when I did finally walk into the gym, not to help clean up mind you, it seemed as if I had been missed by some as my name was called out and I was greeted. Side note- I find it really odd that people call me "Becca Hail" here. I'm the only Rebecca on campus. Pretty sure I'm not going to get mixed up with anyone be it.

Currently, my dorm room is a mess that I should clean up at some point before Thursday when my roommate comes back. At some point I have to go up to Virginia to get the rest of my stuff, aka the actual school stuff and not the clothes or "fun" stuff. I really wish the rooms were more customizable because I'd like to do something different this year, but can't. Oh well.

Well, I should be going to bed, even though it feels like 10:30 and not 11:30 to me. Class starts tomorrow bright and early at 10am! Woo! Going to learn how to create paths to worship.